Unique product

OpenBooking is the only product that provides availabilites and master data from multiple vendors in Swiss tourism within a single source. It's a simplistic, platform- and vendor-neutral web interface for real-time querying of bookable availabilites and stock data. So OpenBooking is even able to display hotels and apartments of several booking vendors in a single search.

Simple website integration

OpenBooking offers a responsive and fully integrated white label solution for your website. Benefit from the advantages of OpenBooking and the ongoing development of this comprehensive product. You don't need custom integrations, but want the core functionality of OpenBooking? Then use your white label solution for desktop and mobile devices.

Data-Streaming via Socket.io

Take advantage of our professional Javascript SDK and enjoy live streaming of your availabilities on desktop and mobile. Provide queries for availabilities in real time, thanks to the latest push technologies. That means: OpenBooking keeps the ongoing queries for availabilities continuously up to date and thereby compensates long loading times of some booking providers.

The OpenBooking white label solution for your existing website.

"I don't want to ask the customer which platform he wants to use in advance. I want to offer the entire availabilities."
Bruno Huggler, Direktor Crans Montana Tourisme & Congress

Integrate the responsive OpenBooking white label solution slightly into your existing website. No new developments! No expensive modifications! Have a look at the successful integration in Crans-Montana Tourisme & Congress.
Benefit from multilingualism, the overarching search of hotels and apartments at once. Provide a real-time dynamic filtering to your bookable availabilities. Simply adjust the OpenBooking white label solution to your colors.

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What our customers think about OpenBooking

  • "In previous years the number of bookings has decreased, but while they increased at Booking.com. ... Now Zermatt has the best availabilities and prices of all other platforms. "

    "The trend is showing that the maintenance of master data and availabilities is no longer the core task of the destinations."

    Pascal Gebert

    Leiter eMarketing Zermatt Tourismus
  • "It has been used a sensibility effect. The service providers have realized that data management is very important and they may lose the connection. The current amounts of data we could not submit and maintain by ourself."

    "Ultimately, we the promised flexibility of Open Booking convinced."

    Delia Inniger

    Digital Marketing Valais Wallis Promotion
  • "We are delighted by the successful consolidation of the various reservation systems. I don't want to ask the customer which platform he wants to use in advance. I want to offer the entire availabilities. "

    "I followed OpenBooking in Zermatt and Wallis and am convinced by the product."

    Bruno Huggler

    Direktor Crans Montana Tourisme